Marco Samaniego

International Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Marco Samaniego

Congratulations on taking this huge step! The ultimate connection with your photographer is what I consider important on your wedding day, let my photographs show you the rigorous process of selection when it’s time to get the perfect image.

To take in mind what a client expects on their special day, I've trained the eye traveling to different parts of the world for wedding destinations, such as Iceland, Costa Rica, Argentina among others, so its fair to say that one of my true passions is creating stories and capturing what others don't see, admiring every detail from your wedding helps me accomplish this, so you can count on having your story told in different inspiring and innovating ways, full of color, emotion, and detail, so let me take your breath away and sign up to get world-class photography, plus special offers. Take the right choice and leave your information I would love to hear from you soon!

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